Monday, June 14, 2004

Now there is something ultra serious and ultra insane in someone’s main vein that you absolutely positively have to know about or else the ramifications will be almost as rambunctious as the supposed diaries of the really old skool hardy boy mysteries, the secret file wherein nancy drew showed up and they went up to this old dark castle and tripped out on mushrooms for like 3 days strait, and it was like, not to get all desultory, but total orgy style, except it’s all implied, none of it is actually said that it happens but you know that it happens you feel it seeping up from the floorboards and that just makes it more effectatious in more than one way if you catch my saying. So anyway, it’s like hardcore in lacking the core, or rather, embracing the core, of the situation by scratching the details.

It is whut we are sorely lacking as a society today. And I’m not even going to run down the list and pros and cons and that was then this is now or shellack the unshellackable cuz it’s been done a thousand times and you’ve heard it all before and what would I be besides just some other schmuck with a new dye job reading the morning sport report over a loud speaker when in actuality digressing all the events of the day monopoly contests won and lost, the tribal report from the plains of Africa, cheetahs like clicking speed dial in mid stream of consciousness, all connected, all the time, no need ever worry about can’t get a hold of aunt Shirley she’s right here on your speed dial, sir, no seriously sir, it’s, it’s ok. Really. I’m with you. We can get through this. The other side is good too, granted, it’s not this side, but this side, was it really that great, I mean, besides more from beyond sentimental value, I mean, on an international scale with all things being equal would it really have measured up. Isn’t it time we got on with things?

But that’s the point, it’s not time, it’s time to nostalgia away and live for the day, oh, holy shit, I’ve just disintegrated whatever the fuck this was into some bullshit mosaic cliché’d out piece of nouvea rich trash. Apologies all around. And beers, but I can’t have one cuz I’m on that thing, you know, that shedule, that inane dillio that hooks it all up like it says but that doesn’t come through with the real tastie freezes. And it ain’t what you think or maybe it is, and yes I’ve said that before, it frees me of all absolvement if and when any charges are brought on anyone, including me, cuz I’m in it for myself, ya see? Don’t like it, well then hit the bricks sister! What is this, charades with uncle Charlie, get back in your room and cry to your mommie! Uh, ok what am I talking about there? Oh yeah, my diet.

The Divine Wind