Friday, June 11, 2004

So if the jurk storr calls you gotta tell em something really important for me. It’s that if the giraffe calls tell them that the zebra flies at midnite. Mmmkaay? Say it with me. You will do this. No, don’t shake your head, nod it, and then say it. Oh you bastardless bastardized bastard sword of a bastard, I can’t believe you’d look at me like that. Oh wait, you’re not a bastard? That’s not my problem you little goatless son of a motherless Aphrodite clone. That’s on long beach so don’t even try to give it no questioning. It cannot be perused and it cannot be misused. It is, of course, this, this charade of a game playing fuckwad, that just makes me think.

Why? That is the one question that cannot be answered that beats the super computer general in dvd 4 episode 2 of the prisoner dvd series. I know becuz I am an expert on them even though I’ve only seen the first 4. and cowboy bebop. But don’t tell me whut happens. Oh and I got wind of but still ain’t watched the legend of the overfiend. Heh. Now you know, foohs, I am THE master blaster when it comes to gastric bypass surgery.