Thursday, June 24, 2004

so it’s the biggest day of the year for those that give half a rat’s asshole burger about the los angeles clippers. That’s right, kids, draft day. Seeing as how the actual season usually is a dreadful debacle and that the playoffs are a foreign concept dating back to that fluke season in 96 when the were swept out of the first round by the jazz, well, you get the picture, and even if you don’t, well, I’m still covered. Or not. Fuck, whatever.

So yeah, I decided not to, no, not like that, well, I was gonna say, ah fuck it, why do I even do this any more? Oh yeah, finger exercise. Gotta keep those didjies limber, na mean? Sure you don’t. well, overall hand exercises too, I guess, and upper body. Hold up, I’m gonna do some pushups now that I got myself motivated. Fuck I ran like the farthest ever yesterday. If you know Honolulu geography, imagin running all the way from the pali to the likelike along school street, that’s what I did basically except one block short, but then I ran this giant hill up into the mountains and all over these like boonie spots with dogs barking at me and shit.

I like living in town. Lots to see. Scenery & shite like that. It’s pretty amazing how far you can get on foot, like, seeing way below the downtown area that I usually run through. I’m like, getting in shape. It’s scary. Ok, no it’s not. Ok yes it is, actually, no it’s not. Fuck it I’mma delete this whole paragraph.

There, I called the publisher, this haphazard outfit, but they usually do what I say, and I have said that it is vitally important that none of this be read. Bueno. Oh yeah, aloha.