Tuesday, June 29, 2004

So, yah, I’m, like, sick, of, like, fuck! Reading mike moore movie reviews YET I cannot stop reading them… isz that a redundancy of the mind with equine latitudes? Yah it’s like, nah, so, yah, fuckk all this shiteeee.

Oh ok yah, I gots a movie review for ya it’s like about the jurk storr ok no it’s not its’ about billy elliot this movie where this kid in England has to go to boxing class and sucks ass at it but he sees the girls doing ballerina class and he sneaks over there and gets all ballet on that motherfucker. I just erased a paragraph. Sorry. I know I said I’d never do that. You may now shoot me. In fact, I must insist. I’m too cowardly to commit suicide. Whoah I didn’t mean that. Just wanted to see whut it would look like in writing, really, I’m not depressed, I just want a pepsi. Just one FUCKING pepsi.

And some pepcid-AC cuz you know that shit gives me gas. This is SO jinx bathroom that the kookatroid patrol might come blasting the doors down with phasers NOT set on stun, they’ll be set to KILL and then they’ll blow through the top of your head and like splatter blood all over the wall and your lifeless head will smack up on the wall and you’ll like be checking out the room with your unseen eyes and like your legs all shaking with onset of rigamortis as your dead and overly not alive skull bangs like a gong one final time.

Ok I did not mean that. That was heavy. And that is my rendition of whut it feels like politically after having watched Fahrenheit 911. haha it was really a movie review the whole time and not the one that you thought about!!! Hee hee hee I am so funny. Ok no it wasn’t.

Fuck. There’s like an excessive amount of astromedallion patrolling going on in this sector of the negasphere, and ok, back on topic, ok, yah, I was gonna dissect that nasty death paragraph I did up there, and my theories on that it’s sudden outburst was a result of inundation of news of the world, and our role in policing via force certain of its sectors and the possible lies politics and back alley slided hand deal making was going into a large and evermore illuminated realm of insanity bastardville. Plus and my mind has been poisoned by seeing janet’s tittie.