Monday, June 28, 2004

so yo wussup, saw fairenheit 9/11 yesterday, and yah it hits pretty hard, so go watch it, I’d recommend it, but like I said to Mrs. P before we headed out to catch it, it’s like, “you ready to be brainwashed?” cuz it’s like, yo, total perspectiveness and he does overdo the one lady crying, one of many points made by hitchens in this, yes, long winded, but nonetheless interesting article.

Nod of the hat to tp for that link, and well, let’s just say tony didn’t like, it, he loved the moore film, but, then, well, I don’t know if I loved it, I’ll say that I didn’t, but I did very much enjoy it, and it did make me think, like at the rate of 9 billion astromedallions per every 45 seconds or quantamount to that amount.

Fuck. I don’t know. It got me all depressed on our world, or, nay our nation, and just what, fuck, people will do for a buck, for a fukn buck, they’ll just slurp johnsons like there’s no tomorrow at a more hardcore rate than jenna jameson at her slooch flanging best, I mean, ok, they’re metaphorical dicks, as in I don’ think the bush family is actually applying felatio to the Saudis and the bin laden family well, fuck, I mean, they financed all his shit, but perspective, perspective, shit, my observation and critical analysis of it would be go see the movie, know you’re gonna learn a lot but also get subjected to some pretty extreme levels of mind cleansing and not in the good way, fukc, no other way to say brainwashed.

Well, there are, but I digress.

Highly recommended, but then temper it the next day with reading the linked above hitchens piece. Moore takes just as much time if not more getting his point across, and yes he’s prolly the more better film guy than hitch but fuck, I mean, writing is not a lost art as some jolly giants know, and it’s like, you can meet sword with tooth and like curds and whey, all up in the middle, like that. Or not.

Fuck that last paragraph.