Saturday, June 05, 2004

Yo yo. Just a little wuddup. Having a super relaxing (I’ll edit out that super bit later, yah, it sounds retarded) Saturday morning. Prolly gonna go see harry potter today. I know, what a cliché, but what can I say, I am what I eat, and I had a steaming bowl of cliché pops for breakfast this morning, and I have to admit, they were delicious.

If you haven’t clickied the linkies I’ve layed around yet, click the pic above and know the inherent genius of the hobgoblin, (not the actual comic character, but the online entity, is that the right word? Whatevs, oh & ps, the link on the pic is to a review of that ish and the link on his nom de plume is to his main page a la index, and yes, you needed to know that, you were dying without that knowledge, you thirsted for it like jesus on his 39th night in the desert) this guy that travels the world writing in depth reviews of spider-man issues. (I doubt he’s traveling in the business of spider-man, he’s prolly making big deals for like cruise ship liaisons or something like that, but, I digress, again.) I can’t stop reading him. He and madgoblin (another spidey on line feller who writes these ingenius indepth analytical essays about spider-man, i mean, it's like war and peace but about fantasy land and it wasn't originally titled "war, what is it good for?") should hook up, maybe do an album together, they could be the next Morrissey and Big Pun. Some matches were just made in heaven. Hmmm, I don’t know, maybe they’re both to into the same subject matter, maybe it would be like earth 1 & earth 2 crashing into each other and we’d have to lose amazing characters like bat woman and the original robin again. Boo hoo hoo. Only people that read crisis on infinite earths will understand that (excellent story if you’re ready to delve DEEP into the DC mythos, I’d pick the trade paperback up if I were you, even though I’m not.)

So, um, I’m blabbing, hardcore nonsense generating is in full effect. So I will leave you with this thought: ovaltine. Live it love it learn it long for it, cuz it’s there and it can be achieved and you will thank me in the morning. Trust me. Aloha.