Wednesday, June 30, 2004

yo. Hey, there’s a lot of discussion going on about the race between me and that Pringles backup dancer for most famous person ever. Ok most famous person ever to have no one recognize them anywhere. Ok, well, shit, this isn’t going the way I anticipated. Ok there is little or no talk in happenstance terms of the degree to which no one except for 3 astromedallions named huey are wondering why I am even pondering this item, well, fuck, I’d rather not explain, I’ve always estimated that I am prolly as famous, ok, not quite as famous, as said backup dancer. Fuck, this is really retarded.

N8 wrote a nice post about innernet reality checks. I’d suggest peeping it. Oh yeah, I just did.

Gawd I wanna erase all this crizzop. My pseudo personality de facto the longitudinal attitude adjustment, it all means nothing. I mean, look it up? He cannot aquit if the glove is a misfit. Fuck that’s lame.

I don’t where why or how I’m going with this. Clipper? Nah, I like how that’s all set and secure with the lottery pick riding high, slamming it down for Peoria high. Fuck a blog.