Monday, July 19, 2004

Anyhoooooo. So, yah, the ball hit the ceiling once again and the island that you all know as the opposite of gilligan ville is officially occupied by yours truly once again, be it ever so humble, etcetera.

Just took some Nyquil, cuz of course I went to mex and it is essential that I come down with some form of cold type sickness whenever those environs are breached, but never for the whole time, and nunca to a degree, becuz I’m just tuff like that, that my good times and those of which may or may not depend on said issues shall not in this day nor age be invaded upon and thus it was written.

Chuuuuch. So, yah, the whole nightime sleepy so you can rest dogshit is to prevail upon thee that I am passing out as this chuggalugg gets chugged. But not drank. You get the picture. Two flights total of about 10 hours airtime and 4 hours in the real h-town, fuck, peeped a stature of george bush senior, with like this funky jacket over the shoulder thing and like the jacket’s frozen in this flying motion like he’s in the gale force wind or either that he’s flipping it nonchalantly and going and taking on the day whether or not he says fuck dr. laura.

Um, so, the vaycay was way shay ray, and that’s all there is to be said about it, cuz it’s so jinx bathroom but with 5 astromedallions in the negative to like write about “what la dee dah did on his trip to blankety blank” I mean, c’mon, you didn’t honestly expect me to go out like that did you?

Not that that there’s anything wrong with that.

Oh yah, happy belated b-day to S & M (and no, not sado masochism, not there’s anything necessarily wrong with that either, as long as, I guess, it’s practiced with safety and public welfare in mind). I’ll be giving you a call (or rather, calls) here shortly. Yay, verily. Aloha.