Thursday, July 29, 2004

Howdy pards, I’mma write a lil something something, wrote a song about it, like ta hear it? Well fuck you. So, yah, the jurk storr called, but just as I was about to pick up, they hung up, but I knew it was them, ya know, call waiting, so I’m like sitting there considering how to approach this problem, I mean, there’s all kinds of things I could do, I could call them back and totally throw it in their face, but that would be mildly retarded, cuz prolly they just dialed the wrong number and then I’d look stupid for being so obsessive about it, you know, like I care more than they do, or I could just ignore it, prolly the best option, but then it might be bothering me the rest of the day, ya know, wondering what the dillio was, or third I could fly over there in my, um, jetpack? Yah, jetpack, and like jump through the, uh, ventilation shaft, and kill everyone in the building. Or, nah, just beat them up really bad, and take all the high quality cheese from out their fridgerator and sell it on ebay and then with all that money start up my OWN jurk storr, and then they, party peeps, will be effed in the mezzanine, as we are wont to say.

Ok that was all bullshit.

Do you ever look for something but you don’t know whut you’re looking for, which makes it that much harder to find, and then you just go back to blah blah ville, to fill up the whatistat with graham crackers? Bleh. Bleh, double bleh.

I said that I don’t give a rat’s bastard sword about the democratic convention and the election in general (well, I didn’t say that, but now I’m saying that I did, another lie) well, it’s not true. (echo?) uh, and places that are real good to get info on said things, if you’re like me and you never watch tv, not due to some higher empowering theory of life, but simply cuz I don’t have cable, you should definitely click on more resorvoir than tarantino (for which I sometimes submit, be it ever so humble, material) and then another source lately that I have found is good is Mr. Tony Pierce, who has been providing lots of interesting insight into said event. It’s kind of ironic in an unironic way that I would mention both sections of the gigasphere in the same paragraph for reasons if you don’t already know I ain’t gonna tell you and just the fact that I’m mentioning it although it never really happened is prolly enuff to get my ghetto pass revoked but then immediately reinstated.

Uh. Yup. You could prolly just disregard basically everything I just said. Except the part that was insanely relevant. to, uh, your hamster. So, yah, fuck it. Aloha.