Thursday, July 22, 2004

Okey dokey I’mma take a break from the semi-madness and say waddup to you, the contingent, of two, three, one, whatevs, that read this crap ass slapsterpiece kine shizzle, hmmm, yah, well, you get the drift, it’s like that, otay.

So my days since returning from the almighty em ee ex have consisted of waking up, making coffee, feeding my dog, eating oatmeal, putting my dog downstairs, rushing out the door, starting my car, driving to work, working, eating lunch, working, coming home, drinking diet pepsi and crown royal, watching dvd’s, cleaning house, talking to mi amor on el telefono, setting up big deals with the Chilean conquistadors, and then usually passing out while reading American psycho.

I know, it’s all so fascinating that you likely just defecated all over yourself. Oh & I forgot to mention that somewhere in that mix I usually take a shower. Oh, and walk the dog. Not metaphorically, whatever that means.

Hmmm. There was gonna be some meaningful ponderances herein, but they allude me now. Something about the state of being, and mindsets, and how you can change the place in which your mental aptitude resides, with slight little adjustments of lifestyle, but, well, it all sounds like such a, for lack of a better word, cliché, at this time. I was also considering if whether or not we do anything in this life for less than or more than selfish reasons, and sometimes I think no, but at this moment I think yes, we do, well I think I do, I mean, in that the basis in the origins of said actions or inactions are prolly selfish, but in some cases the selfishness that comes from the fact that causing pain or discomfort to those you love & cherish would likely cause YOU pain & discomfort, therefore you don’t allow that to happen, and thereby, is that selfish or non selfish? It’s a fine line.

Hope all is well with you. Yes, you. Aloha.