Monday, July 26, 2004

There are two songs that I seem to feel like listening to over and over and over again. The first is MC Chris’s hijack (click to listen) and the 2nd is that audioslave single with the killer guitar riff, I mean, the killahs, I mean, shit, that riff, it’s like, it should be in every song, but thank goodness it’s not, cuz then I guess it’d be played out.

Treacher linked him (mc chris) last week, but I don’t TECHnically have to credit him, cuz I had already heard of it vis a vis g-dog who had copped it off aquateen hunger force conduited via his character of sir loin, but, well, treach is the betch (that’s hoodie for best) and so, well, you know my steez. (steez is the word of the day, except not. The word of the day, er, phrase of the day, is charity whore. Write it down, but don’t propogate, cuz antonio’s got it locked, ie, patented.)

Uh, hmmm, yup, so, yah, so, fuck, I don’t know, tha jurk storr did NOT call and I was rather disappointed but in a good way, so yup, you know how that can go. Or you don’t. whatevs.

Nada to say and more time to say it. Stoked cuz she comes back on a jet plane today. That’s something. something good. Not to simp, I mean, don’t put me with vanilla ice in that phone booth, but, it’s like your killer tape, ya dig, and when it ain’t there, yer like, whoa nelly, yo, and, shit, wait, I’m not saying this, this is not airable material, this is like DL central, I gotta go back and codify it so you don’t understand it. Hold on. Eh, I guess It’s not too extreme sports, again, I’m para’s balls che Guevara steelo. WhatevS. Eh, I changed it anyway. If you’d like to sue me, my preferred lawyer for jim rogers the people’s lawyer to face off against is named officer bird.

How come no one besides me remembers officer bird?? I must be old and, um, regionalized.

Shizzle mcdizzle. So, uh, what about those, um, dodgers? They’re actually kicking ass now that you mention. Oh what, you didn’t? well eff you in the mezzanine, pliznosticater.