Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A very very beautiful thing is occurring in the blogosphere right now, one that brings tears of joy to this jaded rat bastard’s eyes, makes me think the sun really will come out tomorrow, and at various moments throughout the last few days has forced me to sporadically burst out into song, usually “the hills are alive” from Sound of Music or “fuck the police” by NWA.

What is this magical happening you might ask? Simply put, the almighty Super-Villain (aka ronny octavius) is breaking down the top 10, er, super-villains of all time, you know, like from comic books, complete with crazy critical analyses of said parties. This makes me wet my panties with unfloundering ineptitude. And that’s a good thing. It’s very well done & highly recommended. The supervillain list, that is, not me making wee-wee in my trousers. Although that ain’t bad either.

He’s currently on #6, and truss me, not literally with a rope & plyers, but in the sense of trusting me on an issue, it’s something you don’t want to miss. I mean, fuck the democratic convention. Bunch a piles jerking each other off if you ask me, not that that’s what I really think, but my aunt sally said it in a drunken rage the other night, so it must be true. She never lies after her 18th shot of Jim Beam. Unless it’s about charles in charge.

I agree mostly with everything on the list so far, except I’m kinda shocked at the lack of inclusion of the masterful mirror master, of flash’s rogues gallery fame. I mean, he could make you see a reflection of yourself. Like in a mirror. Brrrr, just thinking about it gives me the willies. I mean, a villain with a giant mirror? How can you go wrong? He prolly could even do coke off of his own ass, if he was limber enough. The possibilities virtually have no end. But, que sera sera, or whatever the Portuguese translation is of “who stole my crack pipe?”

Oh here’s a permalink to his latest entry, just in case you’re reading this like 87 years in the future, and you click over and he’s talking about like daffodils and their soil permutation relations to nuclear Armageddon, or if he’s, like, in a retirement home.

So what else is going on? Oh fuck it.