Thursday, August 26, 2004

Doood. I just hit the wrong button. Oh fuck whatevs. That’s what happens when you drink a shitload of jim beam black and then try to operate heavy, as in deep, mentally, not physical weight, machinery. You get the picture. Of course you do. It’s soooo obvious, that you almost bumped into it with your big fat head. Dumbass.

Soooo. Did I mention that a certain whatistat is fukn broken and I gotta get it fixed, and that it’s vital idol in that it is a cart what with octagonal dimensions and whut with you get in it & go places and the retardedness factor of this factorial occurrence is equal to about 83 million astromedallions, and DON’T think that keith aka alfredo sauce invented astro medallions, I showed him that I educated him on that and my old poker and pinochle buddies ralphie & Theodore actually were the ones whut originally originated it. Back in Oakland. At the northern cali watts towers. Yah, we used to shoot cats over there whut with our ak-47 assault rifles.

not cats as in some hip way to say people. actual cats. hey, cmon, this was before the whole anti-fur movement, so get off my back. we were just cleaning up the eco system, they'd overpopulate their environment, yah? yah.

if you're like a lawyer we didn't really do that.