Thursday, August 19, 2004

Hello there. It’s me, the admin again. I don’t like istrator so I dropped it. Hope you don’t mind. Gosh. It’s hectic yet slow here at the enterprises. A lot of people miss that old butler. Seriously. I’m not supposed to tell you that. He had a way you know. A way of making even the most simple thing so incredibly confusing that made us all wonder what the hell he was talking about. At the same time, though, his words and their apparent lack of meaning stirred something, at least in me, and there were moments where I thought I was approaching almost a zen like articularity within myself. I know that’s probably not a word, but, well, I think it fits.

Gosh, like I said, very busy yet not much going on. I think Mr. Fisk alienated a lot of people or at least scared them off brushing Keith/Joe/Alfred out the door so unceremoniously. He really did bring in a snow drift too. From Antarctica. There was plenty in the northern reaches of Alaska apparently, but Mrs. Fisk had her heart set on visiting a scientific research center near the south pole anyway, so they were in the neighborhood.

Well, I have to go. Catch up on the accounts payable, you know. A lot of bitches owe us money, and like AMG said, they better have it. Our collections department has ways of overextending our parameters beyond the phone line and getting a little more personal, although these days it rarely comes to that.