Thursday, August 12, 2004

Hello. My name is, well, that is actually unimportant. I am the man in front of the man who organizes and sets up appointments that are none of your concern. However, I am deeply concerned with and dedicated to the preservation of, in a form that may be deemed higher than satisfactory, that which I see before me, as is Mr. Fisk.

We are currently in a state of in between-ness here at the quote unquote skunkworks. What with Mr. Pennyworth on an extended leave of absence, and the circumstances of trying to find quality foundations on which to build, we are forced to shift inventory of previously confiscated material from our South American cartels, evidence of which you have not seen nor possibly will you see, I just want to make clear that quality will not be forsaken, in fact, it shall be instigated within preset factions to maximization.

Much thanks to all who have endeavored to carry this project into its next phase, and curses to the prior executor who was allowed to wander to extreme levels beyond that which was intended when this venture was originally bankrolled. Looking forward, however, I do believe that with all the current state of affairs we will have to continue and actually would like to continue, in light of the early successes and extraordinarily gratifying results, with the seemingly current track of ideals, if they can be delineated to the proper degree by the management, which at this time is me.