Monday, August 30, 2004

How-dee pards and pardettes. Some super fast crapsterpiece action for the Jackson brigade whut with ta whet yer whistle and tinkle on yer funnybone, ya heard?

Well, the Olympic flame in Greece is out and this drunk welsh jurk storr (yah I said it beyatch, coopt this in your chicken feed stable) aficionado says good riddance to bad rubbish, even though I quite enjoyed it, parts, I mean, but, fuck, if you can’t keep the lucky charms guy off the race track it’s like go back to the drawing board, or at least really run him over with a car, issues with the mentally ill notwithstanding, meaning I won’t let them stand. Whatevs.

Well, there’s a bunch of crapsterstyles that were gonna be the additional features in some kinda, uh, escalade, but, well, there has been an influx of other necessities which have called for me to say hasta la vista to your babies.