Tuesday, August 10, 2004

To be the man...

You gotta beat the man.

And I sir, am the man.

Or so says Mr. Fisk, hence why he hired me, for mucho bucks.

Like, top dollar style shiat, with signing bonuses and et cetera.

"Hey m68, you = better than KK, aka jurk storr best seller, wanna work for me?"

"Why yes I do senor Fisk, may I call you senor?"

"You may."

Handshake, signed dotted line, and here I be.

To quote Mr. Fleihr...


So here I am at my desk, fielding jurk storr calls like I'm Khalil Greene of the defending world champion San Diego Maradona Padres, and I have been thinking.

Here I am.

I've arrived.

My blog = WCW.

Ultrablognetic = WWF/E


Somebody call my momma.


"Momma, it's me, I made it, I'm big time. I'm hollywood now."

And then she'd hang up.

It's not easy filling a man's shoes, especially when he has bigger feet.

But I'm the new Von Dutch, I'm the new glam rock, I can do anything.

Like velcro© or rubber cement.

Batphone rang and I didn't pick it up and I heard on the news something about an armed robbery but I figger hey, gotta keep the world balanced, can't stop every crime.


That shit has ben going on for years.

Before they even had streets.

How am I, superhero/male model/sex icon/pinacle of the world/New Punk Rock supposed to stop that?

I may be naturally better than you, but it doesn't mean it comes easy.

Doesn't mean it doesn't have a price.

I have to turn down potential bed mates since they aren't 10's.

I don't fuck around with 9's

Or 9 5's

I need perfection.

I've earned it, I deserved it.

I'm hawt.

Capital T.

I just happen to be a kiss stealin, wheelin, dealin, limousine ridin, jet flyin son of a gun that you know to be WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! the slickest, I kiss the girls and make 'em cry.

Get over it.

And yourself.

Guest post by Muscle68 and acid is fun, obviously.