Monday, August 30, 2004

Well site meter, er, actually, gostats, or, whatever, came and went quite quickly if any of you noticed. I’m starting to realize why alfredo aka keith aka ungrateful pile of donkey ass nephew sacked the whole idea last year, it was just too much posse of looking at that shit and thinking “hmmm, such and such came here, let’s see where they came from, let’s see where they live, ooh, this person linked this crapsterpiece,” blah dee blah dee blah, who serially gives a rat’s asshole burger. I verified my suspicions, which is that we get about 8 million hits per hour. Beyond that, i'm over it. End scene.

I’m thinking about revamping the side bar to reflect the new direction etcetera without bat servants and potty mouthed verbalists but well at this juncture I just can’t be bothered, so bust an egg foo yukmouth if ya don’t like it. It’s all good in my hood, dig it. And even if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t thrash on yer noggin with my wherewithalls, cuz, shit, truss me, I could and possibly would but I know it wouldn’t be good, and not that that’s the reason I don’t, but it’s among a plethora.

I must say that carlton and myself are deeply satisfied with the status reports we’ve been getting in with regards to the product quotient numbers, especially from the eastern Europe judges. Mahalo and aloha and anything in between that’s considered a muy bueno is on its way to all those, and you know who you are, who make the struggle a little less of a debacle on a daily basis. Peace versus grease, do they have to be sworn enemies? Expand your mind and your dog will follow. And if he doesn’t, well, it wasn’t meant to be and maybe you should give him to the circus. Mad good jobs, kid.