Monday, September 27, 2004

hey all. First off gracias to the goose for his fine treatise on zero. Zero was once & still is on certain rainy days my hero. Big ups to all other peeps who have graced the netic with their esthetics. I been contemplatin and, eh, shit, I’ll give it a few more, you know, housecalls, before I ring the bell bang the gong all that shit, but, well, hmmm, I dunno.

I do know that, wait, what was I saying?

update: wang chung called, they're not who you think, and it had to go down tonite. aloha mahalo nui loa and all that (don't say jazz) to all the pepcid ac extreme sport providers, I think I got the perfect mix, in my view each peep gave the ultimate, nay, the ultra.

to any haters who question my motives, say whatevs, think it was lame, check the fucking files, check the goddamm fucking files, there's gold in there, Jerry, GOLD, pirated, yet with full copyright protection to the innocent ships they were plundered from, shit that I don't know would have ever occurred if not for this little experiment, so sip on that and shit it down the loch ness monster's esophagus.