Wednesday, September 08, 2004

hey there party peeps. Yes I start every whatevs with that. It’s how I do it. At least at, uh, 1:34 on a Thursday. The day I stay inside cuz that’s the day the police beat the shit out of you if they catch you out there on those streets. Oh, wait, that’s only if you’re black. Which I’m not. So I’m prolly safe. Unless it’s a black cop. But wait, what’s that ice cube said? “black police showing up for the white cop.” So, uh, I’m still safe? Hmmm. Actually out here in the boonies you’re prolly more in danger being white than brown, cuz the locals got mad more pull with popo than I ever would, they’d be like “fuckn haole, come here & let me tazer you” to which I would respond, “sorry ossifer, but I don’t do it like that, ya heard?” and he’d be like “oh, ok” except it would be a totally different conversation, prolly involving me ending up, uh, riding shotgun with like a reindeer or some shit like that.

Shit I have no idea what any of the fuck of that shit was supposed to mean.