Wednesday, September 08, 2004

hey wuddup party peep(s)

oh yah, wanna free ipod?? Well, click here & get one, follow all the instrucciones and by clicking that particular linkie, the one above saying “here”, you know, on this page? & completing yer dillio, you’ll help ME get MY free ipod, which I deserve so much so in that I am, uh, deserving.

If you think it’s all a big scam then click here for the ever-legit wired magazine's article on said topic and checkitty eckitty the hammerness of it.

but don't forget to come back and click my linkie when you take the plunge, and, uh, i'll buy you a hotdog by the ocean if i ever meet you.

Like hutch, or was it starsky? said, “do it, do it”