Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Howds. I’m back in the saddle at the, uh, well, semi in the seat? Fuck I don’t know, but I just wanna tell all the fans of toto that we ARE going to do a reunion tour and they’re WON’T be an announcement. That’s just the way it’s gotta be. Many apologies, and, uh, fries with that.

Make the, fuck, switch? Nah, that was an unconscious reference to something I read that true wrote, who is, in actuality, living the dillio while all of us, ok, me, ok, fuck, I don’t know, just whatever on the frillio. Fukn retarded. Me not her. Uh, this not that.

Anyway. Mosey on over to bring the beef and see whut she’s up to. All kinds of uh shenanigans and high falooting rootin tootin fresh and fruitin type whatevers.

I feel, like, guilty that I’m not, like, concerned with all this heavy shit, I mean, I was watching jimmy carter deliver his stump speech at the dem convention in 80 and then Arnold in his speech today at the gahden (btw watch the OG Manchurian candidate) and, uh, fukn Arnold, it was, like, ok dude, what catchline from your movies DIDN’T you use, you fukn pile of donkey ass shit burger especial?

And that line about the soldier saying “I’ll be back” in iraq to fight with his buddies? Uh, shit, I guess I shouldn’t touch that with an 80 foot long astromedallion, but it’s like, how blatantly can you pull on heartstrings and like fake the funk on a something or other, I mean, fuck, I mean, c’mon mayne, it’s not all good in the hood, you can’t just propogate like that’s the norm, that there are peeps with half their leg blown off like “yeah, get me back out there” but I guess maybe there are, and, I mean, sports analogy, I mean, it’s like a football player who blows out his leg being like get me back out there, and that’s nothing right? That ain’t war, so maybe we DON’T know the cause, maybe it IS all super propogation out there, maybe the soldiers ARE super down for this cause, maybe it IS the democrats mixing the message and casting blame and maybe this IS a just war.

Fuck, I don’t know, but I prolly disrespected like 60 million people with my retardedness. But my point, yes, buried deep within a cubic squirrel, wuz that it’s fucked, in my opinion, to use a wounded confused kid as a tool for your smiley faced whatsistat, especially when you’re followed up by two smoked out bimbos of blue blood joking about how their old man who supposedly is holding the country together had nothing to do but burn time and fuck off after he gradded college. I guess that’s just me, maybe my prescription running dry has affected more than my nervous tic and secret invisible friend reappearing circumstances.

Having said that I’m downing this glass of wine and bidding you adieu to go to sleep and leave you with the knowledge that Hawaii sucks cuz they won’t let me play no limit texas hold em on the innernet, cuz if they did, um, I’d win a shitload of cash.

oh yah and i haven't decided if i'm really back, uh, this might be like, shirley who you don't call that impersonating me if anyone is checking the records for like posterity.