Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Howdy pards. Alfred pennyworth here. Yes, that Alfred p-worth. No, not the butler, well, yes, I buttle, but, well, you know, the one that if you know me you know me. Glendale’s not so finest. The original, uh, whatever the hell it is I am.

Clarification for clarification’s, ok, more than that’s, whatever, um, sake. I’m not the only one in this shack anymore. There’s plenny other writers now occupying the occupado from time to time, most of who I couldn’t shine their shoes if I had a gallon of that black shining shit and like the fanciest shine box this side of 7th avenue.

That being said and pride, modesty, whatever, serially, all that, but know something, that if it says Alfred pennyworth, it’s me. If it says keith’s uncle, it’s my uncle, who doesn’t really exist (oh snap) I mean, yes he does, inside me, my evil side, the side that is like fuck, uh, the, like, established metaphor, whatever, this is the only time I will say it, it’s me.

Any other byline, including blank, is somebody else. And you other peeps posting, don't stop on account of this post, please, i'm loving yer guys' verbage, on the rilly.

I hate to be so upfront and actually saying things in this espacio but I already got one concerned e-mail and I gotta set the record on the linear.

That being said may I also give up a one love to homey going through some shitty times. Hope the clouds clear up on the ASAP.