Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Howdy. The master thesis was greatly assisted by myself, well, is assist the right word when the passer and the catcher are the same person? Hmmm, that sounds vaguely sexual but trust me it’s not. Seriously, trust me. Or not, makes no diff to me, farreal.

Anyway, the official or non master thesis jumped the 25,000 word barrier last night, meaning it is halfway to the 50,000 word mark that national book writing month or whatever, which was back in November, said you should try to write in one month. Well, at this rate I might make it for this November. Or not. Fuck it.

The other cool thing I was able to do, well, I mean, I guess I was able before but just being a pile about it, was finally write some little paragraphs as to the backgrounds and thought processes and like place in life and times of the three main characters. Stuff I already had kind of in my mind, but it was interesting that simply by the act of typing it out and making it real I got a much better bead on their characters and cranked out prolly the biggest chunk I had done in one sitting in, like, ever?

I’m such a pile like that, I sit and write & I just run out of gas too fast. I only worked on it for like an hour last night and popped out 4 and a half pages, including the character bios, and I was like, shit, if I was disciplined and actually set hours, say two a day, I could have fukn war & peace except, well, not, in a matter of, um, days. Matter of days meaning a million possible potential things.

Btw does anybody have any info as to what aspen is like during the summertime? Hmmm I should hit up meesh. Does she still, like, exist? Cuz the boyz are in Aspen now & I’m totally just making shit up. But fuckit, mebbe making shit up is the way to go. If the book comes out & aspen people get all pissed, I’ll just be like, you know whut? Fuck aspen.

Anyway, aloha mahalo nui loa and all that shit. Peace.