Friday, September 10, 2004

Ok. Uh, I gotta keep reminding myself that it doesn’t matter what people have to say. Even in the event that that wasn’t what I was gonna originally talk about. What I was gonna originally yadda yadda was, uh, shit, something to do with serial killers. Cuz I watched that riverman dillio on A&E. uh, ted bundy, according to woody in natural born killers, he’s number 2 behind manson, but the interesting dillio is that manson actually, uh, I mean, on the books, never killed anybody, I mean, physically stabbing the knife or whatever through the flesh & causing actual death in a physical manner. Or did he? I don’t know. I DO know however that the majority of the deaths associated with manson were actually in a physical manner performed by his quote unquote “family” aka all these kids he somehow brainwashed into following along into his little cult, not that these kids didn’t have major league issues to begin with, they prolly did, but let’s just say that manson encouraged whatever vile tendencies were already existent in said individuals.

So, yah. Uh, what else was there. Oh yeah, many props to jim beam. And to my pops, who’s birthday is officially today, if you’re on the mainland. Here in Hawaii it’s still an hour & a half away, but about halfway across the ocean it becomes officially the anniversary of the day of the birth of the man who impregnated she who gave birth to me, that being my mother, who I also have all the love & respect for in the world, despite how it might sound weird the way I said it just now. I’ve never been famous for saying things in the appropriate manner, but somehow someway I always manage (ok, almost always, ok, sometimes) to get my point across without offending half of the known contingent, aka anybody who knows or doesn’t know me.

To put it shortly & sweetly, well, prolly not so sweetly, hmmm, that’s a little weird, but anyway, happy birthday dad, you the man, you always will be the man, I love you very much, thanks for guiding me in the way of the force, for showing me how to deal with various obstacles in my life, for demonstrating for me both in word & deed what is really important in this grand game which we call life and, uh, for everything basically. Muchas gracias para todos.

Also, thanks for calling me & mrs. P to make sure we were safe & sound on 9-11 which coincidentally came on the day after your birthday and weirdly or not so happily for some reason, ok, the, uh, calendar I guess, I will always associate, ok, maybe not always, with your birthday. We really really appreciated it, you were the first one to call to make sure all was copacetic with us, which obviously it was, and we’ll forever appreciate it.

Have a great fricken birthday Dad. Love always. Aloha.

Hmmm, this was supposed to be some random post about whatever wherevers all kines stupid kine stuff & it turned into some kind of relevant love meaningful issue oriented type something or other. Oh well, cookies crumble, balls bounce, and young boys grow up to be men, with the proper guidance and support, ya heard? Serially.