Monday, September 13, 2004

shameless self promotion, er, self aggrandizement, er, self help department ongoing expose involved in the following endeavor: there’s still time to be involved in hooking up yours truly with a free ipod. as well as yourself. yes. free ipod. just click here. come to my seminar. Yup. It can be yours. For the low low price of free. Free as in green beans incorporated. Check the dizzle it’s fer rizzle. Scroll down for more pertinent info, linkage, etcetera, go see cal go see cal go see cal. Did you know I thought those dog spot commercials with cal Worthington were saying “pussy cow?” you prolly actually could not have known that. Er well. Have I mentioned as well that my car is dead and it’s not the most productive thing when the guy tells you there’s not much he can promise but don’t give up hope? Is that like, uh, your hair is green but keep thinking it might be purple? I’m confused.