Wednesday, September 08, 2004

So is that free ipod thing a scam? I really don’t think it is, it just can’t be, I mean, no one could scam me.

Ok, well, maybe they could. But, serially, the only peeps that got my cc were the peeps over at x corporation who i did my dillio with, and they are legit, and I’m bout to tell them that, like, sorry, I don’t think it’s gonna work out between us.

Is it, like, illegal to talk about it like this? Hmmm. oh, now that they're x corp i believe it's otay, even though it prolly was before.

Uh, drink this kool aid. It’s yumm diddly icious. 78 vitamins & minerals.

holy shit the new chappelle standup hbo shit is fukn hilarious, i watched some of it yesterday. you will shit your drawers and gasp at amazement at this mofo's fearlessness. makes chris rock's big dillio he had look like grover's corner on sesame row. chuuuch.

also, for more info on this free ipod dillio click here.

fuck, it's prolly a scam. involving every possible level of the federal government as well as a tri conglomerate magazine publishers convention's ideal on making me have a, um, rabies shot.

ps, cornbread is not just for breakfast anymore.