Friday, September 17, 2004

The walls are crumbling around me and I not putting up much of a fight. It's like attempting to defy gravity or some other irresistable force. I don't do too well when dealing with things well out of my control.

I'll stop and think for a while. I'll go through stages of denial, followed by rage, and concluded by sadness. And that's where I am right now. Sad and insecure. Before Tuesday morning, everything that was right was right and everything that was wrong was wrong. If something so right could go so wrong in such a short period of time, was it ever right at all?Now my world is literally in chaos.

No need to paint this picture with overly garish words. The truth is rather simplebut my feels are so complex. I'm distraught to the point where I can't even articulate my thoughts to anyone else. Anyone else, but you. And you're the reason for my sadness and insecurity.