Tuesday, September 07, 2004

whats up stink boxes and dirtbags, here comes anti to lace you.... comin to LACE you pigs.

yah so i have cotton mouth like a fool, and the sink's garbage disposal is broke, anbd has been for weeks, and so the flies that spring up when i run the faucet kinda gross me out.

what do normal people do? call plumbers and go grocery shopping? thats so tacky.

it's like a good idea that ends up being totally retarded. if you follow my logic, (because i sure don't)

anyways a perfect example is this guy in my building who put SAND throughout the whole place instead of carpet, or hardwood, or vinyl or whatevs... FUCKING SAND. yah im sure the novelty of THAT wore off fast, especially when the cat forgot it had a litter box, and having to dust off yer feet every damn time you put on your shoes.

but hey, i bet spilled bong water was no big whup. he could prolly straight up take a pee in the living room. how hot is that? so hot.

am i crazy for thinking it's weird to take a cab to a bus stop? that is just a side note.

i think its time i am made an admin on this site. im the bomb.