Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Wow, I’m serially werking. Uh, indy, pass me the whip. Uh, submit to my submittals. Er, pitbull m.i.a.m.i. money is a major issue, and, uh, I’m Berkeley j.o.e. meaning jehosophat orthodox envyism, shizzles.

By the way it had been so long I didn’t even recognize their voice at first but believe it or not the jurk storr called.

The other thing that most likely the world will blow up if you don’t know about it is that the jurk storr called.

Oh fuck, I already said that. Uh, fuck tampa bay. Oh, shit, wait, that’s not nice. They just had a hurricane. I’m sorry, I meant fuck the tampa bay buccaneers.

Regular citizens of tampa bay florida I have nothing against you. Seriously. Like, I would eat cereal while testifying about it.

Goddamm, I just offended a shitload of Floridians. That’s mad orange juice they’re gonna try and deny me.

Don’t hate the fader hate the crossbearer. Oh yah, deep, huh? Shit, you know you’re like, FUCK, this guy is on some other level bushwick bill type shit.