Monday, September 06, 2004

Yo, hey, howzit, well I’mma post something cuz I don’t want my bitching about whatevs to be the playbill etcetera acre marquee event, ya heard?

And with that I shall delve into that which I quoted I shalt not delve. Tres typical. Which means, uh, in French or something, that I always do that.

Actually, no I don’t, er, won't. hmmm, what else to say?

Eh, I’mma go watch tv for a spell. These werds, they, uh, resonate??

I watched the UH (university of Hawaii) lose to division 1AA, well, ok, probationary division 1A Florida ATLANTIC university on the boob toob last nite. No, not florida university, florida atlantic. As in, yes, you’ve never heard of them. And their head coach looks like an insurance salesman. And he’s a little wacky with his tabacky. Eh, prolly not, I’m making shit up again.

Tres typical. Oh, what a buttoned up & perfect (non) ending. Bah humbug escalade. There, that’ll werk. nope, won't let it.

One nice thing about UH getting beat up by a supposedly vastly inferior opponent, we can quit fooling ourselves into thinking that just because Timmy Chang is prolly gonna break Ty Detmer’s passing record this year that he’s got some chance at the Heisman. Yes, mein freundes, that discussion is officially over. Deposit it into your smoking receptacle of choice and commence to inhaling.

Did I mention that Cal beat the living fuck out of the air force yesterday? Well, not the actual air force, just their football team, but it was still quite impressive.

The innernet is very very quiet. Oh yeah, it’s a 3 day weekend, as in, whut the fuck am I doing on the innernet myself. Hmmm, ghetto pass revokal, film at 11. aloha.