Monday, October 11, 2004

Ah so desu ka. That means “oh” or some shit like that in Japanese. So I’m sitting here on some waiting for godot type shit and it’s like, fuckn jurk storr central. Serially. Blah blah blah blah fucking blah. This shit is just so over. I read blogs like this one and think, man, this guys got the juice, this is the new otha level style, my time is past, I remember when I first started off in the game, like reading old blogs dinosaur style and thinking that’ll never happen, I’m so fresh, so clean, uh, well, not that, not saying I invented that saying, what the fuck ever, it’s just, everything feels recycled right now, it’s all, shit, I dunno, and don’t tell me it’s not, it’s, fuck, and the worst part is that whenever I saw a blogger actually say that, or to this day see a blogger say that, like “oh my blog’s crap now” I believe them, yet somehow think it won’t hold true when I say it. Well, fuck, I dunno, I know I got a lot of good shit up in my dome but it just seems like this ain’t the proper repository or, fuck, I dunno, who gives a fuck anyway, I can talk about the fukn jurk storr and bob big boy’s hair all day long or I can like analyze so perfectly the current political situation in outer Mongolia, at the end of the day I go home and do my thing and you go home & do your thing and it really doesn’t have any kind of actual effect on our lives. Not like a b-level pseudo stars trashy memoirs with the 7 glossy picture pages in the middle, or something earth shattering like that.