Thursday, October 28, 2004

Boyyyy howdy, mayne I din’t know so many fine peeps like, uh, liked me. I’m like sally field getting all vaklempt in this bitch. I mean, I’m serially waiting for the pig’s blood to come dumping down on my head outta nowhere. I promise to take it like a man, smile for the cameras, and proceed to the fotomat for reprints.

so now i'm ready to talk about the kree-skrull war. you know? with all the earth shattering info invoked therein, the most interesting part of it to me is that Hawkeye is Goliath. so human, the need to be super, to pitch in, to be big. i mean, hi, your power is to shoot arrows. kinda get a complex going. couldn't they give him like a giant bow & arrow? or couldn't it grow with him? hmmm. bear in mind that mixed in here is vision getting his first pimpish feelings towards the scarlet witch, hank pym retiring from supering it up for like the 1st (?) of like 83 dozen times, uh, tony stark beating mandroids and premonitions of armor wars, uh, rick jones? can't beat that. uh, the origin of the savage land? ok i'm prolly wrong on that count, but mebbe not. Still though, pick up that tpb like yer grill cheese on pumpernickel. I'd recommend you visit your fave library & cut out ma & pa kettle & their clanging register.

Ehhh, yah. So, uh, fuckn, um, in other news, sheez, talk about a, something or other. Looks like I’m gonna go check out some dj movie tonite, care of the jurk storr hookin up the ducks, so, I mean, I’m not sure if it’ll be like vip style or whut, I’m thinking caviar and ice cream, but like, fondued. Yah, ticket equalization modulistically.

Fark in a fark. The new green day is good. So is the new keith. Not that octo II, shizzle, that was just like an orderve. Hmmm, I’m thinking this is really stupid. Like jinx bathroom style. Fuck a style. Fuck a freestyle. Wait, no, never that. Ok, well, yah, sometimes. Um. Fuck a single? No, wait, fuck a 40 ounce.

If you’re wrong & unoriginal about something, what do you need to do next to jack the trifecta? I need to know this. For, uh, research.