Saturday, October 30, 2004

Hey yall. Yah, so, they showed the end of that game. Michigan won. I guess abc KINDA redeemed themselves, coming back for parts of the 2nd and 3rd overtimes, but still, massive amounts of respect lost, but, I mean, not like I was idolizing them in the first place.

Somebody I have idolized my whole life, on the other hand, called up with some news, the kind that ain’t so good. Here’s to hoping for the best, and I’ll be knocking on wood and praying and all that jazz that this deal is worked out to the most benevolent conclusion. It’s tough. It’s rough & tough. On me, on others, on others way worse than myself I’m sure, and, well, I’m bummed. Maybe it makes it easier to talk about crap like football games & drink bourbon at noontime to pass the time.

So that’s what’s up with me today. The weather’s crap & Mrs. P is off doing some etcetera acres type dillio for an art gallery, and art is important, so that’s cool, maybe I’ll take the dog for a walk, maybe I’ll take the bike for a spin. Nah. Too much beamitude on hand for that at this juncture already. Congrats, betty, looks like you get to go outside.

Why ask why, bud dry, all that shit. Sigh and a double ala mode. I hate when I actually have serious issues on my mind and for some odd reason decide to write shit here. Makes it hard to just be captain nonchalant and savoir fare when I’ve got decidedly important and serious stuff bouncing around the noggin. Well, the less said of that the better. Anyways, if you’re reading this, and you have any kind of oddly displaced or whatever kine feeling of attachment to me as a ghost writing scribbles on the walls of cyberville, than please take just a moment and give a shoutout to that higher being of which you subscribe to, and if there are none, then like, uh, say a prayer to your commemorative grandma moses Christmas plate. For what? That all is well with the loved one of mine of which I speak.