Tuesday, October 12, 2004

hmmm, this is interesting. The trenchcoat chronicles. Some guy on the lookout for sympathizers to those columbine shooter nutballs. Muy interesante. There are actually people out there under the impression that the columbine massacre was somehow justified because these two fuckheads were bullied, etc. I won’t go into it, he does a much better job. She? Not sure. Anyways, check it, it’s, uh, as I said, interesting? Bleh.

My post yesterday was total crap I’ll be the first to admit. Dogshit on an acre of horse manure. Oh well. I thought about deleting it but told myself fuck it. It’s what I was thinking at the moment, which is really all this corner of the internet is about. Nothing more. Ok, maybe it’s about, uh, gum. Yah, that too. And this lamp. That’s all I need. Gum, my thought of the moment, and this lamp. And then you’ll never see us (me) again.

Ah, the vagaries of iniquity, whatever that means. Big fukn pun. Imagine just eating yourself to death. It’s like “hey, pun, uh, maybe go easy on the cheeseburgers today?” “nah, nah, fuck you” “ok” actually supposedly he had just lost a 100 pounds before he died, meaning he was only, what, 600 lbs.? I dunno, I’m guessing. He was still large and in charge. I think, eh, I won’t go into it.

Why am I talking about big pun? Rest in peace big fella. I ain’t talked about randy rhoads in a while. Eh, what’s the point? Um, hmmm. Raiders Denver this weekend, maybe kerry Collins can throw 8 interceptions and break like an nfl record for championship ass sucking. That would be tony the tiger aka great.