Saturday, October 30, 2004

Hola. For reasons slightly out of my control I still be here. Si. It's true. I just got to go for a spin on a v-rod so no complainage factor shall be issued.

Ah, goliath, you crazy cat. I think it's cuz I always liked hawkeye. Good character. No superpowers, just a straight shooter (zing) and you know, he's like that "maverick" type dillio, like, shit, dunno, I mean, he's mr. attitude, but always gets the shit done. I dunno.

And he always was having problems with chicks, like issues going on back & forth, always fucking up in romance, dealing with various dillios, the constant inevitable comparisons to captain America, just cuz they were the two non powered dudes in the avengers, even though cap WAS imbued with the super soldier serum, I mean, it did make him the "ultimate" of what a normal human being could be, but it was still within the range of human achievement without reaching into the supernatural or superhuman or whatever the fuck you call it. Kinda like batman but politically polar opposite. Well, uh, not politically, I guess.

Hi there. I’m back home now. E-mailed this to myself. Yes it was so worth saving, God forbid it should fall into communist hands. Not that there’s anything wrong with communism. The point I was trying to make about batman and captain America was that they are both the high point of realistic human achievement yet one is for the establishment ie go red white & blue and one is hidden in the shadows getting grimey & world ideals rather than that which should be forwarded by the you knighted states of the pinta, nina, & santa maria.

Nighty night.