Saturday, October 30, 2004

I just sent this e-mail to ABC:

hello -

i find it UNBELIEVABLE that you actually cut away from the finale of the MSU/michigan game today, a game with 3 minutes left, michigan down one touchdown & driving for a touchdown, a game i had sat & watched for 2 plus hours, to cut to the beginning of a piece of CRAP game between USC & WSU that within 2 minutes of kickoff was already 14-0 trojans.

is your whole sports department smoking crack?????????? i am so confused. this is the worst programming decision since heidi. i am speaking from the hawaii marketplace, so i don't know what you did on the east coast, but it is just unconscionable to make that switch. it is, unthinkable. i can't even fathom it.

what were you thinking????

and they're STILL showing it, as i type this, the usc-wsu game, which is a dud! what ever happened to waiting until the end of a game then switching?? isn't that the most exciting PART of the game, especially a CLOSE one????

please please please! give me some form of a reason for which this was done and explain to me how it is potentially not the most retarded move in the history of network television.


keith pennyworth

update: It's now 21-0, USC, halfway through the first quarter. meanwhile, checking online, the michigan/msu game is in OVERTIME. They're still showing the USC game.

mickey mouse, I'm coming for your bitch ass. Pluto too. tell goofy to load the gat, cuz the rocketlauncher is aimed at your crib. dumbasses.