Friday, October 29, 2004

I think I’m getting a wee bit obsessive about this whole hawkeye as goliath dillio. I just find it SO fukn fascinating for some reason. How a guy could, first of all, become a superhero just cuz he’s good with bow & arrow, I mean, nothing original, really, all the way back to robin hood, and then green arrow with the jla, but the pure genius, the, just, guts in storytelling, is to call it like it is & say, “ya know? This guy’s gonna start thinking he’s not pulling his weight.” I mean, you got thor, a norse fukn god, iron man, fuckn the vision (RIP?) and, shit, a bunch of other superdudes, and you’re like, “hi, um, get out of the way guys & let me shoot this arrow at the man eating cuneiform monster. I'm sure if the hammer mjolnir and 5 billion megaton repulsor rays can't handle it, this glorified slingshot will probably do the trick, and in any event, i mean, he could put an apple on his head and we could play parcheezi if things get drastic.”

Granted, I am being overly critical of a time tested weapon of not so mass destruction, but you prolly get my point, prolly meaning 3% chance. As a super-archer, you might eventually start to feel like a giant pussy, pardon the pun, so then you get some giant juice from hank pym, cuz he’s in like his 5 zillionth incarnation and wa-la! You can turn into a giant. You can smash all kinds of shit, beat up helicopters, the whole 9.

And then you only do it a couple years and give it up & become bow & arrow dude again.

I could talk about this all day. yes, argentina, cry for me.