Thursday, October 14, 2004

So dubya got his ass kicked in the debate last nite, yadda yadda yadda, I’m sitting at my desk doing mindless crap that you need a brilliant phd degree from hahvahd which I don’t have cuz hahvahd can slurp my emaciated bone like bill oreilly will be doing down at the shawshank club on Tuesdays from now on once the deserved vultures who I congratulate are done scrapping away on his doo.

Why did sean penn have to turn into such an assclown? Homey was like, ok, is still, bona fide strait up clock knockin actor, but, I mean, that shouldn’t prevent him from being a tard, I guess. I mean, I’m a championship bullrider, but you still see me trip over my dick time and again.

It really is just unbelievable how good he’s been in so many good good movies, I mean, if I had to think of a word for it, shit, good? Colors, carlito’s way, fast times, bad boys, the list goes on & etcetera shabba ranks style. U-turn? That was pretty good. Eh, there’s a shitload, you can find it, if you care, you don’t, I know, it’s cool.

The guy even married Madonna and had the good sense to do it while she was extremely relevant, unlike that puppet brit whateva feller whut makes asstarded movies with her stranded on a beach with some dildo embedded crapsterpiece.

Um, there was a point theoretically embedded in there somewhere. Oh yah, why be such a babooz and actually argue with puppets? Hmmm. further reliance on treacher to supply me with hardcore news equals I’m prolly good to rock.

Man, it is like impossible to find a pic of him from colors. Fukn movies with nondescript generalized names and googles robot kine dillio inner workings, etc. and yes I can find the cover of the dvd & video, jeez it’s just such a crappy fucking picture. It just sucks so fucking hard I wanna destroy it. And it is not the one you see here, that one’s aight, tentatively, but, well, you’ll know, explosions superceded over duvall’s baldness.

This is such a topic that has been beat into the ground already. Wait, no it’s not. Colors? Apparently not, cuz nobody on the innernet, eh, fuck it.

Oh, onto a topic that hasn’t (ok, has even more) what’s the big deal about saying lesbian? It’s just a fukn word, my peeps. Yes, it means woman that lies with woman. Uh, and the veep’s daughter is one. It was referenced by Edwards in the veep debate, so, uh, the big deal about Kerry saying it last night then is that it’s just the use of the word? the "L" bomber? What’s the appropriate fucking word? Alternately stroking female entity? I don’t get it. The question was about homosexuality, and he answered it and showed how the repubs are caring & compassionate. Ok, there was prolly some spin in there. But the repubs are spinning shit way harder on that next day shit with dick with his angry father routine and lynne (whatever her name is) with the “kerry is a bad man, kerry is a bad man” oh FUCK YOU BITCH. Jesus h. Christ, it’s ok to send a boatload squared of our own military in with less protective gear than hubbie’s haliburton security guards wear & making half the cash and with homey the clown aka dickerton raping & pillaging left & right and scowling & pouring oil all over him & you in a bachanallian monster slurpage fest, but saying “lesbian” is seriously fucked up.

Ps: dear Ralph nader. Pull your head out of your ass and like inject some heroin in your eyeballs or something. dumbass.

My name is Berkeley P-worth and this message is admittedly fucked.