Thursday, October 28, 2004

So whuddup and ladatt and all that shite. So I’m NOT talking about that baseball shite. I’m NOT talking about, uh, fuck, I dunno, that’s the only superobvious thing, oh yeah, the election, not talking about that either. Uh, letsee, and I’m not talking about the avengers, cuz that would have been assumed by the pic, so that’s scratched, nor james bond, kool keith, batman, uh, Berkeley, all of which you might anticipate. So, uh, that leaves me with makers mark. Good bourbon. But even that if you’ve read every line you might discern to be that which I imbibed and do hence forth imbibe on special occasions ie eating pasta etc.

So that’s strictly out as well.

Sad to say since I ditched the links I’m like kinda over the whole bloggin dillie. I mean, I dunno, not over over, but like under over?? Sheesh. I still read blogs ya know. Mebbe yers. I do it via yup. It’s a fantarstic service of which you should avail yerself. So if you’re manically checking your referral logs (nothing wrong with that) and you see a hit from it might be me. Or it could be the instapundit. Or it could be dick cheney, checking up on yer ass, making sure yer not like planning government overthrow or like eating a chocolate pudding pop or some shit like that.

Stranger things have happened.

Go tell muscle68 his blog doesn't suck. then come back and tell me mine does. er, wait, I mean it's qualitatively challenged.