Friday, October 01, 2004

Well it looks like we have a wee smidgen of a time on our hands with which to bring to the bank something that we hope the whole family can share. All of them together. For the happiest day in happtown, for the grand junction of locomotion Andrew pennylotion to grace the scene with a gangsta lean wit slippahs on his feet and a chip on his shoulder, he’s the kind of guy to, fuck, I don’t know, whutever, fuck that guy.

And it’s also kickin the shit with tenderoni stony mcgrolcracker himself, the mightiest panda slaying mofo you’ve ever met in this or 17 other appendages of the smock uniformed alleycat we all knew and er luvved on the boardwalk of broken amateur sports boxing kangaroos with oversized stereos, no, not stereos, phonograph players, like, from the 30’s, and then this, uh, green lantern shows up and makes a giant green pair of boxing gloves and then green, no, not that. Fuck. I knew it. Sorry.

And then, well, it all disentagrated into a pile of assless masticated custard seed oil. Including and or not limited to the jurk storr’s new training class. It is the ultimate training class and better than any other becuz for only the simple price of 19.99 plus shipping and handling we will have that bad bitch of your dreams right there in your doorway, literally in! I mean, partway in, you know, on the precipice, but pieced to come in, knowing full well and good that flaggerty mcflacklesteen and his 83 friends grover and rover will understand what it means to be truly at peace at the moment of piece. And not with each other, with like these really hot uh smurf slash sailor moon vibe ladellers of the night.