Friday, November 12, 2004

the funny thing about the jurk storr is that no matter how much you write about it the more powerful its super medallion astro rays become and then suddenly you realize that you’re the most powerful being in the known universe, and plus you’re like a major, no, not, forget, shite, here we go again earth people, it’s, like, 3:59 pm the witching hour when you start leaning for the door & you’re rapping shit up (wrapping) and you realize that que sera sera all things being considered equal you have a great life and you stumble upon just balderdashing around on the innernet a pic of bill walton in a san diego clipper uniform and you just know that you have to wait don’t tell them, no, not like that, wait, what are you thinking? Oh well, nae does it matter, have I ever told you that me will be with the clippers and sooner than you think, but it’s all a mystery I’m gonna be their road manager, serially, ok, they don’t know about it yet, but seriously, I’m gonna be like the good luck bird on their shoulder and you just watch even though people will disparage and say yadda yadda the clippers will still march on to victory.