Monday, November 08, 2004

Ok, here’s whut I’ll do. Oh wait. Ferget that. Ho, how bout those cal bears? Pulled out a squeaker this weekend fa sho. Dang, but ain’t it still good or whut? Oregon was a big test, I mean, they were tied up for 2nd in conference prior to, and, yah, they lost some games, and not highly regarded, etc., beyond pac 10, but still, good team.

Anyway, so now it’s udub and card which should be breezes but the triphammer might be the one at southern Mississippi, the makeup game whut was lost to one of those 87 hurricanes the durrty durrtyy had earlier this year.

So yuppity duppity. And don’t let me ferget to mention that the golden bears of the university of California at Berkeley are still #4 in the BCS but any and all doubters naysaysers need to step to the back and be whut with whupped wit a whuppin stick. For like 10 hours. Straight. Yup.

So and yes the clippers are 2-1 and going up against the defending champs from Detroit tonite at staples center. I am officially predicting a los angeles victory. I mean could officer bird expect anything less?

So I shouldn’t just do the whatevs sports report for you. I mean, you come here for that jack handy shit, right? You know, deeper than atlantis? Other states of mentality? Oh, wait, you don’t? you just come for random ass crapsterpieces? Wait, what’s that? You don’t come here at all? I’m talking to the jinx bathroom society? Well fuck yeah then! Do that bebop like you know so well. Blame it on the bricklayers association. Tell em herb sent ya.