Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Ok. So the moral of this story is that the clippers won again, stomping Canadian ASS and they go up against the not quite world champion lakers at staples tonite, home game lakes, but, shit, the clips own this building now. Tonite we take ownership. We. I said it. Clippernation. And I will be there. I will be in Oakland at the arena and I was there when it was the new arena and I remember thinking whut a retarded name for an arena, cuz you know you’ll have to drop the name, but now it’s the arena and it’s all shakin & bakin. Ok no it’s not, golden state is droppin games left and right and that’s what they get trying to have some stanfurdite be their coach. Can you name one college coach that jumped to the pros and started hittin up the block?

Uh, larry brown I guess. But still. There is the critical area that he was Kansas joe. Wait. Was he? Fuck I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, so anyway, if you’re like, my stalker? I’ll be there. With full on clips regalia.

But I will have to suffer up the cosmic consequences if golden state somehow grows some balls and beats the la clippers so uh, whut? Yup. So. Shizzle mctizzle with booweevils, you know?

Uh, I have to, uh, you know, do the whole nine yards dillio right now. At this juncture. Cuz if I don’t it won’t to me to be better myself with that which is required doing. The issue at hand. The gracias to the enchilada. The chili cheese steak with the great moonrake. And then other shit like that.

Jeezo peezo this shit is takin so fricken long and shit I’m thinking fuck it I don’t have to do this shit right now. No this shit. Not the other shit, that necessitates immediate and calculated action.