Tuesday, November 02, 2004

sooo, I wuz listening to nwa and then, uh, I was here, and, kool keith was playing on the hi-fi, and then I heard a weird sound, coming from outside, and I inspected the scene, and it was nothing to be concerned about, and then the, no, I won’t tell you, it’s too, well, you know, I think you really do, and, oh yah, I just remembered something I have to, no, you don’t need to know that, that’s too much information, ok, this though, I can say, with full confidence that it won’t seem, well, you know, indicative of any kind of ego on my part or act therewith to try to like propogate myself into your sentry’s zone. See that, I was thinking about saying “into your zone” but then I realized that, besides the fact that it doesn’t sound right, it just doesn’t convey the same kind of authority wherewith it would be if it was in your sentry’s zone, cuz then, it’s like, well, your ready for this kind of shit, ya know? I mean, it’s only in the area of the people that guard you, you know, it’s like their full time job to make sure that shit is copacetic with YOU, cuz it’s all about you, ya know? In every way shape form, it’s like, the be all and the end all, you steer your ship with your breeze with maybe gilligan riding the pine and then getting in shifts here & there steering you into murky waters, you know, like those subset of denizens of this planet what which affect your life and or the lives, wait, no, not and or, but and, the lives of those around you, cuz it’s all about the individual, numero uno, but it’s not, it can be, but it makes it worse to see that as the forefront of the ideologue of life of which hopefully, no, not that, not hopefully, to which in certain events and judgment notwithstanding, will be guidelines, what with in that you careen in and out with people in your lives, be they friends, family, loved ones of any kind and hated enemies and casual aquaitances and all these people have a certain degree of an impact, I mean, even the person just driving down the street who whut with didn’t know you in the millisecond until he/she looked over and they were like crashing their car into you. You know? I mean, even if you don’t die and/or get seriously hurt, it’s like, that person had an effect, you’ll remember that shit. I’m thinking that this shit is too retarded to live. Not me, this, don’t take it like that, you know, in fact, don’t take it like anything. Please. Seriously, and just to parrot, nah, fuck that shit. Assalamalakum.