Friday, November 12, 2004

yo something really quick from the erkle brigade society. If the jurk storr calls, call em back and Russell up a bucket of wings if you don’t mind and then don’t ever forget to say please & thank you and all that other crap masterpiece type dillios of whut you have to give regards to on Sunday, goddammmmit, and don’t forget your aunt ethel’s brigade association meeting on Sunday afternoon, um, after the other thing, and then on the NEXT Sunday you have to remember to give great grand dad eddie his action comics #1 what you took in its steel titanium glass magnifying box and displayed it for your middle school classroom as an example of the way things used to be, when a dollar was a quarter and it was sunshine all day, except during that one time when it was snowing on Sunday’s headquarters, you know the time I’m talking about, when it was all deep in that cave, the one whut with, uh, hold on.