Tuesday, November 16, 2004

yo. I’m in the house. Gracias to xtx for making me famous. I, I, think I’ll try a heinekin.

So whut’s with the whatsistat on channel 83? I approve.

Anyhoo, if you didn’t know, this is just, fuck, I keep wanting to say that, best to keep in reserves.

Clips host the Toronto raptors tonite. Canada’s best. Canada’s only. Fuck Canada. No, I don’t mean that. Sorry, it’s, like, alliegiances can only handle so much intergression, and if the clippers are involved, yes, the los angeles clippers, well, then all bets are off.

Clipperville is now officially clipperville again, for a while it was like bearville, but not like you’re thinking, I mean, fuck Chicago, it was golden bear ville. Yes. Golden. Goddammitt, you understand.

It all comes back to the bay.

All of it.