Monday, November 15, 2004

yoze. I got a free minnitt. Gotta mention odb, rest in peace, nuff respect, etcetera.

Uh, hmmm, oh yah, nah. Oh yah. Fantastic four. Movie coming out. When? dunno. momentum building on the i-net, wave not cresting yet. Should be huge acres. what is huge on the innernet? not, like, what is a huge subject, but like to whut degree if something is huge on the innernet is it really huge, in economical and socio political matters?

anyway, Jessica alba as invisible woman. Hmmm dee dee. And, uh, um, the thing, I dunno, didn’t look great great, I mean, I ain’t gonna lie, they need to get back in the lab widdit.

Oh yah, I saw a pic and link to more pics from the movie set at treacher. Er, the link, follow the yellow brick road, ya know? And not the pissing fetish train. That’s stuck actually at 3rd junction station, left side of the, uh, train office? No, station. Fuck.

Alba blonde. So, uh, the jurk storr almost answered the phone on the 83rd try.