Thursday, November 11, 2004

Yup. Well, I have to call this place. But it’s not a have to like dreading dillio, it’s an opportunity knocks kine type frontage acreage association endeavor. Le sigh. & fuck all, that ain’t copyrighted. Fo shizzle. Neither is that.

Just the fact that I think treacher’s response to the sorry everybody site is monolithically hilarious, doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s at its core a cool idea and that it doesn’t tug me heart strings along with prolly inopportunitely my funny bone a little, I mean, shit, we did fuck up, but we didn’t, shit, it’s got me all fucked up in my mental. Fuck it.

Ah yes, you must if you haven’t catch up with all the shit the yossarian had to say before he headed out for army training, and after that? who knows. Genius type shit, fer shure, it’s amazing what someone who truly cares about the state of the world can do. Part of that ideal is what gets me so depressed about this whole national & world dillio, I mean, from my seat, it’s fucked, but who knows if my seat has any kind of view at all? Maybe bush is saving us all, maybe if we hadn’t invaded iraq, we’d all be bubbling cauldrons of std infected canker sores already, saddam’s sons jumpin on our beds and smoking our mescaline. Crazier things have happened.

But, be that as it may, I can only speak from my own perspective, now can’t I? Well, not necessarily, but that’s where I’mma talk from for now, this second, and that being said, fuck, I mean, the shittiest part is that people that care, the dedicated, the ones that are gung ho, are getting fucked the hardest, they’re on the front lines, potentially fighting for some bullshit, while we sit back here, fat & happy, discussing it oh so eloquently.

Meanwhile if popular leftist opinion is even half right, bush sits in the white house counting buckets of cash & oil, I mean, fuck, you could split hairs, which the aforementioned yossarian mentions, all day. So fuck it. Godspeed young man, go forth & be safe & do what you gotta do. We’re all proud as hell. Least I am. Word.

Goddammit now I sound like a numbnut soccer mom slash wolfowitz slash Sandra bernhardt slash jane fonda slash kurt warner slash fox news muthafucka, having my cake, eating it too, and pouring vodka down the spigot to wash that shit down & grease up the pipes. Fuck.