Wednesday, December 22, 2004

clips snapped a 5 game losing streak. the win came against the worst team in the league, but hey. Hosanna in the highest. And I say that with all the oppositeness of seriosity. I was getting irritated watching fear factor last nite, and some guy praying to Jesus at the end that the final measurement will reveal that he won a million dollars. And then going “praise Jesus, praise Jesus,” after he won, and the other guy lost. What, you think Jesus likes you more than the other guy? Asshole.

Fyi: dumbass, Jesus don’t give a rat’s ass if you win a million dollars & prolly gets irritated you praying for it as you extrapolate yourself on tv swimming in roaches and smashing up ATV vehicles. Do you know how many starving kids in Zimbabwe you coulda fed with that moolah?

Eh, it’s like the ol’ “thank you Jesus” that Kurt Warner uttered after the Rams won the superbowl. Hmmmm isn’t it interesting how the next time they made it to the big game they choked their asses off to the pats? Or how his wife calls in on radio shows and makes him look like a moron? Or how young college punks are knocking him outta the starting rotation?

I think the moral of this story is if you’re gonna ask God/Jesus for something you should potentially consider keeping it to stuff involving things that are actually important, like health of loved ones, or safety of same parties, or peace on earth, ending of hostilities and murder & torture, or, like, the clippers winning (oh snap!). I jest. Aloha.